Suggestion & Comments

"Suggestions, Comments, Ideas, Hints, and More"

The following are actual comments from other brides,
and wedding businesses. If you have a helpful hint, comment,
idea, suggestion, etc., please click here:

"No matter how much time you think you need on
your wedding day, always give yourself a little extra time.
Examples, At the hair salon, for getting ready/dressed,
for the ceremony, for pictures, for the receiving line,
and for the reception (it goes by SOOO fast)"

"When getting out of the limousine, sit on the edge of the seat,
swing your legs out onto the ground, and stand up. Crawling, or
climbing out head first doesn't work very well."

"During the processional, space your bridesmaids out by at Least
10 pews, otherwise, they get all bunched up, and the guests
and photographer can't see them very well."

"At the reception, my out-of-town relatives were smoking
cigarettes, and it bothered everyone around them.
Maybe the DJ could make an announcement before dinner, or,
we could have put no-smoking place-cards on the tables?"

"Don't forget to face each other during your vows,
that way your parents and guests and
videographer and photographer can see you."

"when you do your pictures with families at the church,
make sure everyone that is in the pictures is told ahead of time,
so that they don't leave to soon."

" I am getting married and so many brides have suggested
to ride alone with the groom from the church to the reception.
It will be the only time of the day that you two can be alone ! "

You are investing quite a bit of time, money, and energy
into your wedding day. Consider how you can also concentrate
your efforts on preparing for the marriage, beyond the wedding day.
Make an inventory of your expectations for the marriage
and ask your future spouse to do the same. For example,
answer these types of questions:
Who takes care of the finances?
In what religion will you raise your children?
How will you, as a couple, navigate holidays with your families?
Compare lists and discuss areas upon which you agree and disagree.
Should you come to an impasse, talk to a trained professional,
such as a counselor, pastor, or relationship coach.
An investment in the relationship will payoff as you start
your new life together.